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Who Are We?


A family-owned and operated pedicab company...based on the belief that if you ignore your customers long enough

they're bound to go somewhere else.

This is why our entire team is committed to

meeting the advertisement needs of Jacksonville's local

restaurant, night club, small business, and entertainment districts by providing a fun, eye-catching outdoor media that makes a powerful impression. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Specializing in decorated wedding cabs. We save the bride, groom and guests a few steps in getting to and from receptions.

See slideshow below.

Tired Of Boring Ads?

Now you can sponsor pedicab rides for your target market or potential customers by renting ad space on the coolest, Earth-Friendly units in the Pedicab industry.


With Pro-Motion Pedicabs it doesn't take 20 years experience or a high IQ to see the benefits in what we do. Just come on out and see us in action at any one of the following locations:

  • Jacksonville's Veterans Memorial Arena
  • Metropolitan Park Area
  • The Jacksonville Landing
  • The Jacksonville Everbank Field
  • Downtown Jacksonville's lunch hour commute.


  • We provide ads that Move you! Carrying shoppers, movie-goers, restaurant patrons, art gallery and night-life enthusiasts. Often times bringing them right to your front door.
  • Your company may sponsor free rickshaw rides at your event or gathering.
  • Our friendly riders can meet, greet and interact with your audience. Riders can wear your company uniform, issue hand-outs and answer questions about your firm.
  • Rather than paying for separate advertising and people to hand out samples, our state-of-the-art pedicabs can attract attention to your brand, while storing leaflets or samples for the riders to distribute them, all for one inclusive price.

Traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in reaching consumers. Stay current with the

latest trends in outdoor advertising...You can't afford not too.


Prices may vary as each campaign is custom tailored to meet our clients needs in target-market media. Contact us today and include our mobile ad-bikes with your next campaign. (904)487-0689. 


Click on link below to see Daily Record article:
0-1935 FNDR Reprint Daily Record.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)

Click on the link below to see Monica Landeros' (Channel 12 news) in action.
Monica...interacting with the Pro-Motion team.

Proudly recycling old pedicabs in our restoration department.

Pick up the phone, text us now if you have any questions for our marketing department to promote your products or services. 904-487-0689

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